Rules and Regulations

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As our guests, we want you to have a great vacation here! We hope this brochure will help you make the most of your visit and ensure that our beautiful community remains not only beautiful, but also sale and enjoyable for all of us. Water Park Villas is a unique Coastal community where some properties are rented, some are owners’ weekend getaways and some are year round residences. So, WPV is “home” for many of us and we ask that you treat our community as you would your own. When everyone does their part to keep WPV safe and neighborly, then everyone wins.

We are not a resort hotel, but a community that loves to be here and enjoy the special beauty and environment that only WPV offers. Please share our special place responsibly with us.

Thank you – Water Park Villas.

Pool & General Guidelines

[] POOL: Please, no glass containers of any kind in the pool area! Beverages may be brought in metal, paper or plastic containers. Do not let children relieve themselves in the pool and toddlers must were plastic swimmy pants. If broken glass or “poopies” are found in the pool, it must be emptied, cleaned and refilled. Not only will be pool be out of commission during this time, but the cost can exceed $2,000 – and you don’t want that chargeback.
Please use the downstairs showers in each unit, before entering the pool. Sun tan lotions, oils, makeup, and any body lotion can cause a chemical imbalance of the pool water.
To be fair to all, no “savings’ of chairs or tables once you leave the pool area, and please make sure to clean up the space you occupied before leaving —- trash bins are just outside each entrance to the pool area.

[] RENTERS: Water Park Villas rental regulations limit occupancy in WPV to 2 persons per legal bedroom, plus 2 additional people. So, a three bedroom unit may have a maximum of 8 people.

[] PARKING: Park vehicles only in front of your unit, not on the street or landscaped areas. Each unit has two (2) parking spots. Do not “overhang” into the street. Park extra vehicles outside WPV on Compass Street.

[] DRIVING: Please drive slow inside WPV, as people and children may be walking in the street.

[] PETS: Renters and Guests are NOT permitted to have pets of any kind.
Management will ask any renter or quest to remove the pet, or asked to leave the community.

[] TRASH: All garbage should be securely wrapped in plastic garbage bags and deposited in one of the two (2) trash dumpsters. The dumpsters are located in the front on each side of the pool area. They are accessible from the sidewalk. Boxes should be broken down, as to allow for more space in the dumpsters. Trash pick up is on Monday at around 5:30 am.

[] EVENTS: No events are to be held on premises without prior written approval of the HOA’s – Board of Directors.

[] CHILDREN: We love our kids and we need to watch over them. Please supervise your children. Adult supervision is required at the pool. No running, bicycling or skateboarding allowed on the premises. This is for everyone’s safety.

For Any Questions about your
rental unit or the property, you should
contact the unit owner or rental
agency from whom you rented.